Sunday, November 27, 2016

Pickles and Plaid

Yes, I'm still on a steady diet of pickles. And, in case, you haven't made a pickle dish quilt yet, there are two sets of bands. Those with the dark fabrics on the ends and those that end with light fabrics.

To make it easier to continue to make progress with the pickle dishes, I have set up a pickle palatte on my sewing table. Of course, it is paper piecing and if I really wanted to make fast progress, I should probably set up a press and trim station next to the sewing machine.

And I'm also hand quilting the plaid bunny quilt. It is made from a wide variety of plaids from homespun to old shirts and I don't want to risk using a marker on these fabrics. So I am using a fabric template to sew around each bunny.



  1. Oh, that fabric template is such a good idea! I once was quilting a dark navy fabric that NO MARKER EVER would show up on, so I cut out a piece of paper which I safety pinned to my block and quilted along the edge of. Fabric would have been so much better!

  2. Wow, I would never have thought of that fabric template idea!

  3. Your quilting template is very clever and I can't believe that Molly hasn't helped with the pickle palette yet.

  4. Great idea for quilting around the bunnies! I've often thought I would save myself some time by having a small table set up by the machine for pressing, wouldn't need to be too large.