Friday, November 4, 2016


I didn't have much quilt progress, so Molly thought you would want to see kitten progress. She thinks I will forgive her debt for destroying my keyboard, but she is wrong.

Besides, there are other cats to monitor. Cats that don't destroy things and that don't jump onto my back unexpectedly. There may even be a cat that likes to be held and to cuddle. Okay, more evidence that Buddy is a dog.

I did manage to layer the turquoise baby quilt. And yes I was micromanaged by Molly. Because it was a baby quilt, there was no yelling.

I also got twelve more Dear Jane blocks assembled into a section.


  1. Your Kaffe DJ is going to be AHmazing!!!! And what a lucky baby to be able to start life wrapped up in turquoise!!!

    We laugh sometimes because Rocky has dog-like ways too - he will come when you call him and absolutely adores being cuddled! Thank GOD he doesn't jump on my back 😳

  2. Being a dog-type cat can be interesting. One of my daughter's cats plays Fetch with a (rather too realistic looking) toy mouse, which is very entertaining for all. Though I'm afraid that someday I'll pick up the toy he's brought me to throw and it'll turn out to be a real mouse...

  3. Wow, your Dear Jane is sure looking wonderful! A true work of art, supervisors notwithstanding. So, Molly did something to your keyboard? I know my cats use my keyboard - there are cat hairs around it regularly. We also find them in Bruce’s guitar case and in the car. My guess is that they recently emailed their friends for a musical rendezvous, then stole the car and drove there while we were asleep.