Monday, November 21, 2016

The Chaotic Sewing Room

This may be a bunny sewing party where they are making the new bunnies. Alternatively, this may be Molly's choice of a layout.

This red bunny is the only bunny remaining on the design wall.

Here are some of the pickle dishes that...oh, never mind. This is now a photo of Molly.

So let's go to a neutral cat palate.

And last but not least, here are some of my latest thrift store finds.


  1. I'm sure that sweet miss believes herself helpful in your quilting and auditioning process. Perhaps her idea is to give you practice in laying out blocks until they meet her design ideas?

  2. So the question is - what is Molly trying to tell you about that red bunny block? Is it her favorite, or is she objecting to it?
    Buddy looks like he knows, but is afraid to tell...

  3. Cats do not like red bunnies. Too spicy. Smitty

  4. I think Buddy is going to match our new living room perfectly! Maybe you can drop him off here on your way to Oregon. Someday. And Molly has gotten herself into another pickle, so to speak.

  5. Every time I would buy thrift store shirts, hubby comes in and takes several for "his" closet.

  6. Oh nice arrangement of the bunnies!! The Pickle Dish blocks are also looking good being arranged by Molly.