Sunday, January 8, 2017

Chickens 1.0

I have overheard some clucking in the comment sections of various blogs that suggests that there might be interest in chicken quilt blocks. Here's one.

This block uses the same square head but gives a side view. 

I have the photos to provide tutorials but will wait a few days to show them because I usually come up with revisions. And suggestions are always welcome.

Meanwhile, we are having a cold snap here. I haven't used the woodstove in quite a while because I didn't trust the kittens near it. Today, I thought I would see how Molly and Buddy behaved now that they are older. Egads. Molly curled up in the exact same spot where Tommy would roost. So of course I built up a little padded throne for her like Tommy had.

I just went downstairs to find Molly laying on her new throne in front of the fire with Buddy laying in front of her. Adorable.


  1. I LOVE chickens!!! Speaking of that, better go feed mine... it's getting dark. Glad the kitties worked it out. :)

  2. I am just catching up weekend reading. My dad always said the best hunter in the cat world was a well fed female! The boys are just sitting at home waiting for the food to come to them.

    Love your rainbow quilt tops, I totally love your pigs. And the chickens, well, just ducky!

  3. Great to see some chooks on the sewing table, I prefer the second design, only because the top one reminds me more of a turkey. And somehow turkeys don't make me smile like chooks do! As always hats off to you, for your ability to whip up a new design and then offer it to you readers, thank you.