Monday, January 2, 2017

More Piglets in Provence

As I have progressed through the Bonnie Hunter's En Provence mystery, I have made half of the components. Now that I am working toward a finished quilt sans mystery, it was time to decide on a final size. Early this morning I was going to go for a 3 by 4 design, but later I came to my senses and will be making a 3 by 3 design. I already have four of the major blocks completed.

I had to make more of the hour glass blocks, but I have now finished all five of the remaining red central star blocks (although I'm only showing four).

I also corralled all the piglets and figured out who goes where in the final quilt. I want to make sure I like the arrangement because once they start running up and down hills, my options for moving them will be limited.

And this is how I'm tilting the pigs. I know there are lots of ways to tilt blocks and this is one of the ways one uses if your father was an engineer and maybe you inherited just a couple bits of engineer DNA.  (The slice of the rectangle is different depending on whether the piglet is running up or down the hill.)

And here's Molly posing in an effort to improve your new year.  I would also like to note that most of my photos show her full of mischief. That said, she is an excellent pet therapist. However, because her client displays a humiliating amount of neediness, Molly prohibits photos of her pet therapy sessions due to confidentiality and proprietary methodology. Thank you for understanding.

If Tommy were still here, he would suggest Molly adjust her pose to reduce her youthful exuberance and lose the craziness in her eyes.


  1. Molly does look like she's on the verge of pouncing across the room. Probably at light speed.

  2. I said before I loved the first blocks from your last post, and now you show me these other four blocks - I think they're smashing! Congratulations on such wonderful colour combinations. Bring on the piggy quilt I say, and Molly looks as lovely as ever. Such a sweet photo of Tommy

  3. I suspect Tommy could have ttaught Molly many more skills - so handsome.

  4. What a great logical solution to making the pigs tilt - all hail the engineering solution! I so hate making wonky blocks, where you sew on rectangles, the cut wedges off them, what a waste. Now I know I never need do that again, thanks. Umm, sorry to be a spoilt sport, but there is a bit of unpicking to do in the top RH corner of the first photo - top yellow star point. Its amazing how these things stand out in a photo, but you never see them in the flesh. Its all looking great. Hats off to you for tackling a Bonnie mystery, I just sit back and admire other peoples enthusiasm!