Thursday, January 19, 2017

More sheep

How about a fatter face...not usually something that you ask for from a plastic surgeon. When looking at images of real sheep, their heads are thin, but there neck creates an extra ruff...that gives the appearance of a fatter head.

In this case, I brought the nose and eyes lower. For realism, the nose should be lower but the eyes should be higher. This arrangement is more dog-like, but cuter. Yet definitely not a sheep dog.


  1. The first one looks more 'startled sheep'; the second one looks more thoughtful. (Of course the thought would be something along the lines of "Is it time to eat again?" Sheep aren't complicated.)
    I can picture a flock with both of these. 8)

  2. They are both cute, Sally. My personal preference, for what little it is worth, is the top one. That's because I could see myself embroidering or sewing a little black line there for her mouth, possibly creating different expressions.

  3. Your design capabilities are endless, I am impressed. I like the top sheep.

  4. Love all your animal blocks. My first thought when I saw the face on the bottom one was kangaroo.