Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Two Steps Back

When I chose the colors for Bonnie Hunter's En Provence mystery, I particularly liked the gold fabric with the reds and greens. However, it doesn't provide much contrast against the neutrals. Now that we've seen the reveal, we know the contrast for Bonnie's magenta is quite important to the overall design. And no, as much as I love it, this gold isn't going to work. (And the photo makes it look stronger than it looks in real life.)

I auditioned other colors, but gold works too well with the other colors. I also chose fabrics with gold accents. While I love the butterscotch look of the middle fabric, it doesn't seem to play as well with the rest of the quilt. So my final pick for the replacement gold is the top bird fabric. Of course, the cat fabric is very happy to have les oiseaux join the En Provence design.

And Molly likes birds very much. She scrunches down at the sliding glass door to "hunt" the birds out on the deck. She flattens her ears and angles herself behind solid parts of the door so she can stay hidden during her stakeout. Unfortunately, Buddy did not get the memo and approaches the sliding glass door as if he were at the police station viewing suspects through a one-way mirror. He stands  next to Molly and asks "Hey, where did all the birds go?"

And here is this morning's sunrise.

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