Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I don't have much to show because most of my time has been spent on spring chores and cleaning up the sewing room. Molly agreed to pose for me so I would have something beautiful to show you. Her spring cleaning activity is ripping and shredding things stored in closets. 

Molly is sitting in front of a bin that holds fabric I am going to use to make Sue Garman's Afternoon Delight. Molly assured me that no one visiting this blog would be interested in fabric unless she was hiding under it.


  1. We will always take pictures of Molly! Happy Cleaning

  2. Beautiful as any quilt could ever be :-)

  3. Holy cats! (Hi, Molly!) Holy cats! (And Buddy!) Holy cats, that Afternoon Delight is a gorgeous quilt! Are you starting it today? (If so, the cats will want to start burrowing into that fabric right off...)