Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spider webs

As I have been cleaning and rearranging my sewing room, I have uncovered some neglected projects. And the spiderweb is so much fun to sew that I pulled it out and worked on it. When I am sewing it, it feels like I am making lots of progress, yet when I last counted, I am only half way finished. I went to fetch the camera, and found that Buddy and Molly took turns rearranging the blocks.

I personally still prefer this layout.

And you can decide for yourself which layout Molly prefers.

And speaking of naughty, I may have mentioned that some bloggers don't maintain appropriate warning signs on their blogs. I won't name names, but one blogger showed Tula Pink's new fabric line Tabby Road. As a result, I now have the four tabby colorways, and Molly will have fewer cat toys and lead a sad, dreary life. So please heed my advice and follow my excellent example, and do not show off enticing fabric purchases. Thank you!


  1. Oh, I do indeed want to thank you for not showing off those enticing fabrics like that certain other blogger did. Because fabric envy is a painful condition, and there's only one known cure...
    (I remember those spider webs! Still love them!) (And they'd be even better with more kitty fabrics!)

  2. Those fabrics are quite tempting...yoi could make Molly and Buddy some you'd with the scraps and perhaps make everyone happy?

  3. Gee, I can't imagine why anyone would show off cute cat fabric. Personally speaking, though, I've got to find me some. (Some MORE, that is). Darla and Alfie have requested different color ways.

  4. I have been waiting for this range to come into the stores -I am now even more tempted! I love the colours Tula Pink uses.

  5. Oh dear. Going to have to have a look out for these kitties. (Like I need any more cat prints. Must use up the 20 year old stuff first!)

  6. Haha - the cute kitty and tula reeled you in.....