Monday, March 27, 2017


I ran out of weeks for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, and am making a red lion before the new month begins. As you can see, the first step is to make a wedge circle, aka dresden plate for the mane. Then I make a block face that will be inserted as a circle into the mane.

And the Stonefields quilt by Susan Smith calls for three of these star blocks (crosses within a circle within a star.) To make these, I first machine piece the plus blocks. Like the lion's face, these will become circles within a circle.

And here are two completed vintage butterfly blocks.


  1. I've heard of wearing flowers in your hair, but wearing sheep in your mane? My, my, what those lions do get up to...

  2. I love all your animal blocks. They're so cute I want to make all of them. Unfortunately right now I can't make anything because I'm moving in two weeks and I'm not anywhere near ready. Soon, real soon, I'll be able to get back to sewing. I hope.