Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Snow storms and Kitten storms

A while back I showed photos of a snowball quilt my grandmother made some time in the 1920s or 1930s. It was one of the few scrap quilts she made. Here are six of the prints from that quilt that are multicolor...that is not predominantly blue, pink, green or yellow.

And speaking of snowballs, this was the extent of the snow we got overnight. Daytime temperatures kept the ground relatively warm and overnight temperatures only flirted with freezing. So we got some snow, sleet and rain and very little accumulation.

However, some of the pines collected snow and ice. When the breeze blew threw, they made a very interesting rattle.

I also found some plants practicing yoga...in this case, the downward daffodil pose.

Later in the morning, Molly took over her supervisory position...

but I was more interested in knowing how Molly knew the pink bobbin was in my shirt pocket.

She reminded me that when she was a kitten, I always kept the best cat toys in my pocket. Her sister taught her how to steal the good toys out of my pocket and then run off with them. I did always take them away again and stuffed them back in my pocket before leaving the Kitten U campus.

I thought that was an excellent story, except that the thread bobbin is not a cat toy. Molly said my ignorance is alarming.


  1. We have downward daffodils here too! :(

  2. Love the yoga daffs! How nice to see the photo of Milly and her sister in their early days, did sister find a good home?

  3. Of course Molly is right. **Everything** is a cat toy. Some cat toys are just more playable than others...

  4. Weather watch in the UK - 19 degrees C! in March!

  5. Molly must get so frustrated with humans without her vast memory and unequalled intelligence. I'm sure she gave you no hints, but waited patiently as you searched and finally found it yourself. I would hesitate to repeat what she must mumble under her breath.

  6. I'm going to have downward daffodils here soon too. But it isn't because of the weather, my old dog can't make it passed the clump of daffodils before he gets the urge to "mark his territory"! I ask him why every time. He says nothing in return.
    That is such a beautiful picture of Molly in her supervisory position. I just think she is the prettiest cat around!