Friday, November 15, 2013

So maybe I didn't have enough of the bright cats on black after all. Apparently I had to lay everything out to figure that out. However, another excavation into the stash found the bright cats on black fabric on the left. In the spirit of the fractured quilt, I slit the "too small" backing along the diagonal and inserted a panel of the new fabric to create a fractured back. That sounds much worse than it is.
Meanwhile, the Placid Curves QOV is quilted and waiting for binding. The yellow and green scrappy trips is layered and ready for machine quilting.
The fractured quilt top is back to waiting and wondering how I miscalculated its backing needs and questioning whether I should be allowed to tutor math after all, especially with all that check your work nonsense. For more fractured fun, jump back to Vicki W.'s blog.

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