Friday, February 27, 2015

Teddy bear surgery completed

How fast does time fly? Very fast if you are this bear. He went in for surgery in early December.
Here's the bear recovering from surgery at the end of February. He still can't figure out how he missed Valentine's Day. Bear isn't really complaining though because the last thing he really remembers was being a dog toy. Then after being buried in a backyard, he was dug up during construction of an art studio. After that he had a bath and was shipped across the country.  

I should also mention that there was a sacrificial lamb, both literally and figuratively. Lamb was quite weathered when I found her at a local thrift shop and preferred to donate her body to science to becoming a dog toy. I'm still not sure if she understood that "science" meant plastic surgery for a bear.


Vicki W said...

Well done! Did yo make it to Hampton? We went today. It was nice. Not the best year for quilts but enough interesting ones to make it worthwhile.

Cassandra Tondro said...

He looks great, and his color is even improved! Thank you so much. What happened to the lamb? Can't she also be rehabilitated?

By the way . . . everyone who comes over comments on the quilt on my bed. They love it! And so do I, of course.