Friday, November 14, 2014

I found my sewing machine! The Rainbow Scrappy Challenge is wrapping up soon, so I thought I would take inventory. It turns out that I have no purple fish, no pink fish, and very few medium and dark blue fish. For some reason I have over 16 red fish and another 16 yellow fish. Apparently the kittens have strong color preferences for their snacks.

And today was the second day of having my heat pump replaced, so Mr. Piggy was more than willing to model the new scarf...although he complained that it was a bit too long for him. He did agree, however, that the scarf was quite cuddly straight from the dryer.


  1. I think Mr Piggy looks extremely handsome with his scarf and looks you will be busy sewing fish!

  2. I've found that kittens have strong preferences for just about everything!!! Hope your heat is fixed soon - it's pretty darn cold out there!!!!