Thursday, August 27, 2015

More kitten news and legos

Well, obviously the Virginia kitten penal system is way too lax, because Reno was adopted yesterday...the first day he was available. Another way to look at it is that maybe Tommy's PR advice to kittens is too good. But the adopters probably didn't see this version of Reno until possibly this morning.

Daytona doesn't mind because for now he is enjoying a one to one staff to kitten ratio. Except he now also realizes that this version of Club Med means Club Medication with eye drops administered every two hours in an effort to save his right eye. (The drops are derived from his blood to leverage his own antibodies. Other medications are involved too.)

In between kitten duties, I continue to build lego logs.

And this is the kitten view of my quilting activity.


  1. We had one, interestingly a black, kitten who had multiple eye problems requiring regular visits to the kitty ophthalmologist. Surge is his name. After a year and a half, he finally is in a foster home that plans on adopting him in the next few months. We have spent a bloody fortune on that guy's eyes!

  2. No wonder kittens climb fabric - looking at that last photo, *I'm* tempted to climb it...

  3. Yay, Reno! Hope he loves his forever home.

  4. Your legos are so much fun!! Give kitty a hug from us when he takes his eye drops ;-(

  5. I'm not surprised that Reno was snapped up for adoption - I love tabby cats!
    But poor old Daytona and his eye, hope his eye can be saved, and obviously he is helping around the place!

  6. Oh I bet giving kitten eye drops is a lot of fun!