Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A few more darting fish

 Here are three more fish for the darting fish pond. I have several more to make that are almost done, but I ran out of steam.

I did cut I-spy squares for the I-spy exchange sponsored by Val's Quilting Studio. Sign-up just started today so head on over if you're interested.

And in cat news, I was carrying Buddy in my arms when Molly launched herself from the top of the shelving unit (behind the design wall) to my shoulders. Thankfully, Buddy kept his cool and I didn't require a blood transfusion.


  1. Sounds like you've been having an exciting time!! Makes me shudder thinking of Molly clinging on to your shoulders and slowly sliding down with her claws - rather like you might see on a movie! Apart from your near escape I need to say how much I love your fabrics in your darting fish, I forgot to comment yesterday because I loved those as well, you have some really amazing fabrics on your shelves!

  2. Maureen has me shuddering as well with that image...

  3. is that a dogfish?

    our local shelter just announced a need to fosters for kittens -- I'll be sending them your name! Somehow I don't think my really shy semi-adult pair would appreciate having kittens in the house!

  4. Darting dachshund fish! So glad you didn't require a blood transfusion. ;- )

  5. Oh my, that was a close call. I was holding Alfie once when something startled him. I had rear feet claw marks (that bled and HURT) from my neck halfway down my boobs (which aren’t THAT long, LOL). And I trim their nails regularly. Did Molly lose count of the number of darting fish needed?? I was thinking of you as I was shop-hopping today. One store had huge roomful of Kaffe fabrics. I nearly succumbed.