Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dart Fish Layout 2.0

Okay, I think I have this layout sorted out. It really does help to have it up on the design wall instead of on the floor under wrestling cats. And to be able to keep the fish up on the design wall, I used the laser mouse until both Molly and Buddy were exhausted.

So here was the problem... the second, fourth, sixth and eighth row only had six fish which left the end fish of the odd rows without a fish fin to hook on to. To fix this, I needed to add a fish to the end of each even row. Luckily I had lots of extra green fish and I only had to make an extra aqua fish.

I do like how the tails seem to be suspended off of the fish and there is almost a shadow fish in the negative space.


  1. Yes I see the shadow fish now - this is a stunning layout, they really deserve the Darting Fish title.

  2. It's terrific! So happy to see it finished and even in rainbow order. The title is so appropriate because they seem to be moving so fast, but all in sync like a water ballet. Happy, happy fish.

  3. Oh, excellent! Gotta love those laser pointers for wearing out puppies and kittens. :-)