Monday, June 27, 2016

Peacock Pin Basting with Assistance

Pin basting a quilt seems to take a lot longer than it used to. I'm still getting used to the newer generation of quilting assistant. The older generation (Tommy) was snarky, but less paws on. Even the assistant to the quilting assistant started to pull at the layers from under the table. Luckily, there was an invasion of laser point light in the hallway and the assistants took chase.

Molly is constantly looking for unwanted wrinkles and always finds them. I am thinking of changing from pin basting to spray basting, but am concerned that the quilt assistant won't hold still long enough for me to give her a good coating.

I have also noticed that quilting assistants don't always appreciate my sense of humor.


  1. Gee.. I can't imagine what that is like!!! Quilting Assistant school must teach all the same hindering skills.

  2. My fur kids have learned that Mommy growls if they try to hamper me. If I have to run downstairs, though, to get something I forgot, the layers on the floor are fair game. Luckily, my "kids" are serious nappers, so often they're lounging in the master bedroom (after all, they are the masters), under the ceiling fan while I do the work.

  3. My assistant helped me with my last basting project, but he was absolutely sure I was putting the batting down crosswise to where it should be and kept trying to correct my error. Quite a long discussion ensued.
    I didn't think of the spray...