Monday, June 6, 2016

Red fish

Sewing the blocks together always takes longer than I think it should. In this case, I first added the spacer strips. Then I sew all of the fish in a row. I also sewed the first two rows together and yes, that requires a bit of fussy sewing to match the fins. Not my strong suit. And while I rarely use pins, for this I'm using two pins per fin match. Of course, Molly loves to supervise my use of pins where supervise means taking the ball end in her mouth and attempting to sneak off with it.

As I was sewing the fish together, I came to a row with two fuschia fish! Given the number of quilt assistants I have clogging up the sewing room and the amount of time they spend rearranging the fish, you would think one of them would have noticed and said something. So here is the new red fish to replace the extra fuschia fish.

And now that I'm looking at two rows sewn together, I'm wondering about the lone blue fish unconnected to the other fish.  I suspect I may have some new complaints to raise with the assistants.


  1. They are looking great sewn together! I used to have a grey tabby named Minnow. While I was at work, she used to pull all the pins out of the pincushion! Have a great afternoon! XO

  2. The blue fish on the top row goes beautifully, the bottom row blue seems to have quite light blue "face" compared to the other, perhaps that makes it stand out more. Anyway, I think it's looking good!

  3. I love your fish!
    My little cat Ursula was a great one for pulling pins out of the pincushion and dropping them on the floor. Until I caught her at it, I thought I'd just suddenly become ridiculously careless with pins...

  4. ALfie and Darla will sneak off with pins from the pincushion too. I have to put it in a drawer when I'm not using it. I think you'd better hide Dr. Seuss books from Molly. Looks like she's been reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.