Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to make a bunny

This rabbit puppet followed me home from Santa Rosa, CA. And he is not very happy with his new home. He thinks Nurse Vulture is scary, and he doesn't like kittens or fish. I'm not exactly happy with the rabbit puppet either because apparently all rabbits like to do is make rabbits. So today, Rabbit is going to show you how to make rabbits.

This is the bunny that we're making. Rabbit has been reading Mystic Quilter's blog and thinks her hydrangeas look delicious. So one of the pink fabrics is a hydrangea floral.

First, you will need a background fabric, and also a darkish and lightish color.

This block is based on a .75 inch grid and the finished block will be 6.5 inches wide and 6 inches tall.

This may look like a lot of pieces, but I prefer to use flip triangles whenever I can. As you can see, there are only 2 half-square triangles used to make this bunny, and all the other triangles you see are made by sewing a square in the corner, sewing on the diagonal and then ironing over the flap to make the triangle, like for a snowball block.

Here I have laid out all the pieces as they will be sewn together and I have combined the simplest elements. For example, the bunny's head is the 2.75 inch light pink square. I have attached two 1.25 inch background squares to shape the bunny's nose.

And in this step, I'm just sewing more of the elements together.

Hopefully at this point, the bunny shape is recognizable. And this shows the four basic shapes that combine to make the bunny.

And here are the last two sections before they are joined.

And that's how Rabbit make rabbits.


carla said...

Hi!!!! Your little bunny is so adorable!!!!!! I am going to try one out!!!!! I have enjoyed all of your little critters!!!!! Love love the cats and mice!!!!!! Thank You for the block!!!!!!

Mystic Quilter said...

Love your rabbits, both furry and fabric. What a lot of pieces but a super finished block and goes without saying that I love the Hydrangea fabric!

Ariane said...

Your bunny block is so sweet!! Thanks for sharing!!

JoanG said...

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I love seeing all the different animals you come up with!

Cathy said...

Have you ever thought of writing a book on how to make all your critters?

I think the rabbits would be cute as a row quilt - alternating with cabbage rows. As a baby quilt it would go well with a couple of rabbit books I have in mind.