Tuesday, February 14, 2017

More Stonefields

Today was a Stonefields quilt kind of day. I cut my base block a bit larger than necessary before sewing the layers of applique on top.  I will cut the base down to the correct size later.

In many cases, Susan Smith's instructions call for multiples of the same block. In this case I made one that was cute and another one designed to lay back and fade away. Not everyone gets to be a star.

And speaking of stars...most of the blocks in the Stonefields quilt are made from stacking simple shapes on top of each other. This one stacks circles and stars.

 Molly prefers more sophisticated shapes with a feline nature that suggests curiosity and questioning authority.


  1. That is a darling picture of Molly!!

  2. Love watching the Stonefields come together. It is a beautiful quilt.

  3. Your Stonefields is awesome as is Molly!

  4. Those blocks are fascinating - especially that layered star. Molly is probably wondering why you're featuring bunnies instead of cats, though.

  5. Your Stonefields are so pretty and that Molly is pretty too.