Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One Year Later

Not much quilting going on today, so I thought we should celebrate an anniversary of sorts. Yes, we are marking the date when Molly and I lost our carefree all-girl hangout life.

Molly and I were quite happy to sleep in and snuggle every morning.

But a year ago, we had to spring Buddy (then Typhoon) out of the slammer after he failed his socialization for adoption. We are still working on his socialization. Molly works the hardest at teaching him that life is not fair. She thinks its better to show, not tell.


  1. They are both such sweet and beautiful kitties.

  2. They are both beautiful and are lucky to have you, and each other. (even though they don't know it a lot of the time. lol)

  3. Awww, so cute. Hopefully he will learn in time.

  4. Darla would like to remind Molly of Molly`s message to her last August:

    Oh Darla. I am so sorry that you were talked into such an indecent pose
    just to show off a "polka dot belly." There is no amount of therapy
    that will gain your dignity back. Respectfully, Molly

    So Molly, I guess we are both indecent (I prefer the term “Nasty”) kitties!! xo, Darla

  5. I would like to add my 2c to Darla’s comment, above. Molly, you have an adorable tummy!!

  6. Poor Buddy. Life is such a mystery to him. Good for Molly for trying so hard to educate him.