Monday, February 12, 2018

Bunnies and Trip

I showed this quilt tonight at my quilt guild. I'm posting it here so if any of the members find this blog with the obscure name, they will know they found the right spot. The links to the instructions for this pattern can be found under the tutorial tab at the top of the page.

And today my sister drove me all over for a quilt shop hop. Barbara from Cat Patches warned me about Boersma's and she was right. Hopefully she will see this, notice the blue skies and realize its time to come home from her astounding trip of the USA (with cats!).

And yes quilt shops sometimes have odd neighbors. Mary Ellen Hopkins had a quilt shop in Santa Monica called Crazy Ladies and Friends, and the shop next door was the Cat House.


  1. Great finish for the bunnies, how big did it end up?

  2. The bunnies turned out great! Yes, I did see it. Glad you enjoyed Boersma’s. It’s my favorite now that the Enchanted Forest closed down in Salem. Nice to see those blue skies. About six more weeks, and we’ll be home. I know Smitty and Sadie are starting to mark off days on the calendar.

  3. The bunnies are sooo cute! Thanks for the link to the pattern