Monday, February 5, 2018

The Return of the Chickens

It was time to clean out the chicken coop. After I organized it I decided to add a diagonal of teal chickens. I also needed another yellow one. So here are the new additions.

And following equal kitten time requirements, here is Molly as a kitten with her sister Cyclone.

And now that Molly is a young adult, she has important responsibilities. If I take a bin out, she fills the space so I'll know where to return it. Except I can't...

Molly is also teaching me how to be a pony. She gets on my back while I gallop around the house. The louder she purrs, the faster I go...except I can't go all that fast when I'm down on my hands and knees.

Buddy is mortified.


  1. Purrhaps you can get some pony pointers from Buddy...

  2. Such adorable kitties, and pictures. Amazing that they were ever that small, isn't it? I adore Molly but have an extra sweet spot for Buddy.

  3. Love your chickens. And your cays. Sweet pics!

  4. Love the background fabric on the yellow chicken.

  5. Loved seeing Buddy's kitten photo yesterday and Molly's today. So cute! Buddy has the prettiest blue eyes. Pretty chicken blocks also.