Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bear's Bow-tie

My sister recommended I make the block Bear's Bowtie in the Dear Jane format and include it in the Alternative Jane Universe. I thought up this block back when I was a young lass under the influence of Mary Ellen Hopkins at her quilt store Crazy Ladies and Friends. I was making a lot of bow-ties at the time and thought this is the type of bow-tie a bear would wear after he used his claws to tie it. In any case, this was printed in Mary Ellen's "The It's Okay If You Sit On My Quilt Book" (p. 61).

I did check the compendium of Alternative Dear Jane blocks--the ones Jane Stickle made but did not include in her famous quilt--and she had a similar version called Rapid Badger BowTie.

And here are the pieced blocks from the Alternative Dear Jane compendium that I have made so far. Given it was Mary Ellen that taught me to think on a grid, I may have to rename this project Dear Mary Ellen.

And here are a handful of spools. Speaking of a handful...Molly was quite distressed by all the internet bullying she has been subjected to. She is quite sensitive and kept her masseuse and heating pad busy treating her psychic wounds.

Molly suggested I show Buddy at the vet too. Unlike Molly, he is staying well away from me today and spent way too much time in hiding. He sneaks up behind me, gives me a quick leg rub and then runs away. I assume he is trying to rub away the horrible scent of my betrayal.


  1. Poor Molly and Buddy - a visit to the vet!! Tell them they have lots of sympathy from Leila who is due at the vet clinic tomorrow for final suture removal! Due to internet issues I am only just catching up on posts, I love what you've done with the Bear Bow Tie and more of those yummy Pickle Dish blocks!

  2. The controversial 'fur' comment was bound to provoke. Suzi has won the ' Most improved fur' competition for several years running - just saying. However, her sympathy goes out to both Molly and Buddy regarding their recent excursion.

  3. I have been looking at the 'alternative' collection with interest. I have one triangle left to do, Jane's Oak, more like Jane's Joke. Impossible needleturning, so I think an alternative is required.

  4. Tell Molly and Buddy to lighten upaboutthe vet visit... Lucy just found out she has to have all her teeth pulled and she's not a happy camper at all!

  5. Love the bears paw bow tie, reminds me of a Christmas bon bon!

  6. I can't decide if the owl or the goldfish is my favorite. What a fun collection of blocks!