Sunday, December 4, 2016

It's a mystery

Okay, peer pressure wins. Count me in. Fabadashery was the first to make me consider joining the Bonnie Hunter En Provence mystery challenge. Her annual enthusiasm for Bonnie's mystery quilts won over my lack of enthusiasm for mystery quilts in general. And then as I made my round of blogs, EVERYONE was joining in.

Here is my contribution for neutral four patches. Molly is explaining the instructions to me. She said one of the key rules in this mystery is to include as many cat fabrics as possible because les chattes are very popular in France. I have also assigned the task of spinning the seams to Molly.

And it is so easy to go off course on the Quiltville website. Bonnie's friend made a Delectable Mountain quilt, so I linked to her instructions, was intrigued...and now here are some delectable mountain blocks.

Sometimes I wish I had tunnel vision like Molly.


  1. Certainly can't argue with Molly's advice - 'the more cat fabrics the better' is a Universal Truth.
    And I could have warned you that Quiltville is a dangerous place to visit alone. Who knows what rabbithole you might fall into without a friend to grab you in time? Or at least to slide along with you...

  2. You have the prettiest collection of "neutrals" ever!

  3. I didn't say anything, but I had a feeling this might happen.

  4. Looking good, I guess you can just make the mystery half size?! Wish I had a tunnel to hide out in - does Molly share? OK silly question!