Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kangaroo 2.0

Here is a slightly revised version of the kangaroo I showed yesterday. Seeing him up on the design wall, he looked a bit emaciated and the ears looked too pointy and the tail had a thin spot towards the end. So I made the lower left triangle on the thigh smaller which makes both his thigh and belly look bigger. And his ears no longer look like those of a bat-eared fox.

Of course, if Tommy were here to counsel me, he probably would have said that the kangaroo's ears looked fine.

Sue of Mother Patchwork correctly noted that kangaroo tails do not bend back upon themselves and I admitted to taking some artistic license. In truth, the kangaroo tail would be extended out behind it laying on the arrangement that doesn't work well for a quilt block.

In addition, squirrels would argue that having a tail that lays on the ground is a huge PR mistake that only a rat would make. The squirrel would, however, applaud the kangaroo's choice to hop instead of slither. But I digress...

So here is another alternative for the tail that is much less decorative but might be slightly more realistic...that is, the tail is broken in one place instead of two.

Meanwhile, these three pigs showed up wanting to join the piglet party.


  1. Well, he's a very dapper kangaroo with that swirly tail. Though now I'd want to give him a bowtie and a cane.

  2. I never noticed the issue with the tail! Whether curled over or straight I think he's great!

  3. Kangaroos balance with their tails, when hopping and also standing. When male roos are fighting the tail rests on the ground so they can fight each other with their feet. The tail does come into a more upright position when on the move - so this new pattern is quite correct - he is in mid flight! Great job, your pattern making skills leave me in awe.