Wednesday, December 28, 2016

More ostrich heads

Okay, I am officially finished with making ostrich heads. What's next?

I ordered Bonnie Hunter's new ruler and it came today. I was completely astonished and surprised that her triangle ruler also came with a "Buddy ruler". So now I'm very confused. The ruler  is very small and Buddy is at least the size of a small horse. Buddy's head is bigger than the Buddy ruler. Molly is also not happy. She considers herself to be the Buddy ruler.


  1. Oh yes, there are "rulers" and then there are "rulers" :-) My kitties belong the RULER opinion side of things

  2. Love the ostrich heads. Can't wait to see what's next. Funny that Bonnie knew that Buddy wanted his own ruler. Throw it down on the next quilt to see if he plays with it. Happy 2017!

  3. Well, I am outraged!!! The Amazing Molly deserves her own ruler too!!! I'm sure when we tell Bonnie how upset and distraught Molly is over this situation, she will get that Molly Ruler in the works ASAP.
    (I promise not to tell that she is paying me in prime 'nip for saying that =^..^=)

  4. By the way - this is Rocky - not my mom LOL!!!