Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pickled Piglets

Here are seven right facing piglets to finish the 48 piglets for a quilt. And look...the left facing piglet in the bottom row was included in a surprise present from Gayle at Mangofeet. She also included toys for Buddy and Molly. They carefully placed one at the bottom of the stairs where Molly and Buddy have set up an agility training course for me.

And here are a couple of new wedges for the pickle dish quilt.

I started a review of the past year and saw that I picked a word for the year...Molly. Well, to be honest, Molly picked that word for me. So now I face a dilemma. Any quilting activity that I find during a year-end review will be evidence of my neglect.

And here's Molly at about five months old...anticipating her year of neglect.


  1. Molly is indeed the word...
    And oooo! Ooooo! Do I see a tiny piglet?!?

  2. I love your piglets, and as I just found mine, I'll continue them in the new year. Happy New Year from Norway.