Saturday, December 10, 2016

Return of the owls

I am having a hard time moving ahead with this years Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. I think part of the problem is that I never finished the ones from last year. I did get the blocks sewn together but for several I was stumped about what to do with the border.

In the owl quilt, the owls are perching on magically floating sticks. So for the border I am adding more magical sticks. I am hoping for a negative space square to form at the intersection of the sticks in the border.

Here is a close up. Next, I will add another strip of the white background.

And here is a picture of Frick and Frack being let back in the sewing room. Molly considers borders her specialty because it usually involves the design wall, pins and a quilt top. At one point, she was under the quilt top attacking my fingers as I was trying to pin the border to the quilt top. I prefer constructive criticism to cat claw criticism. So the critic and her shadow were evicted.


  1. This quilt is going to be so fun. I love what you are doing with the border. It's going to be a gorgeous quilt.

  2. Owls! I've missed the owls! I'll bet they're relieved that you gave them something nice to stand on.
    Too bad you can't add on a decoy sewing room, where the Dynamic Duo could go be 'helpful' while you get some work done...

  3. I love your owls! I am not organized enough to make a scrappy quilt like that- a different color scheme every block but it sure comes out nice!

  4. The owl eyes were following me around the room, perhaps they were taunting the cats?

  5. I know I am repeating myself here but I do love your wonderful owls, sounds like Molly and Buddy feel the same way!
    Good idea to use the magical sticks in the border.

  6. Ooooooo the owls are fabulous!
    It's always the border decisions that hold me up too.

  7. Oh I just love them! The patriotic owl reminds me of Uncle Sam!