Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Scrap Processing and Recovery

 In the last post I had just acquired a large tub of scraps, and this is what was hiding inside...in strips and chunks and stuff. I supplied the thread. 

The tub was a bit like a commercial Easter basket...where you can see a cute stuffed bunny, a chocolate bunny and egg. When you dig further, you find smaller chocolate eggs and jelly beans...and a whole lot of tangled plastic grass. In this case, there was a massive tangle of fraying strips. And many of the strips were accidentally cut as boomerangs or tapers, hence their destiny in the scrap pile. These were perfect for trimming to the 1.5 inch strips used in this log cabin.

Here is a closeup of the log cabin blocks. As you can see, it looked like it had a lot of movement and variety when my nose was up against it...and turned static when I started looking at the blocks from a distance. And that is where the choice of the lightening set was made.

And here are the spools I made from some of the scraps. For the most part, I wanted to make more light valued spools. There were quite a few strips cut to one inch width...so these were just begging to become spools. 

And here are the leftover strips and larger cuts of fabric after making the quilt top and microspools. Not shown are the solids and various size/shaped chunks and bits.

While I had the joys of digging through scraps, Molly and Buddy had a tougher time. My sister stopped by to visit the tub of scraps in my sewing room, where she saw Molly sleeping in her princess tent. My sister laughed out loud and said that she didn't realize the tent was so small.  Molly has since required constant consoling despite the fact that her small stature (length, not width) matches her kitten branding.

However, Buddy's identity crisis is much worse. Here is Buddy nestled in the small heated bed. If you visit Cathy's blog (Crazy by Design) from a week ago, you will see her cat Alfie completely filling a similar bed. Is it a small bed like Buddy's...or the larger version? Is Alfie a stand-in for Clifford, the big red dog? Buddy wondered aloud if he was normal and maybe his sister is a pipsqueak, but he was drowned out by derisive laughter.


  1. What a treasure of lovely scraps! That would be such a fun adventure to dig through and find someone's half-made project. Your spools are a perfect way to use us those strips and I'm sure between you and the kitties, you'll find fabulous ways to use up the rest! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I'm sure Alfie is part mountain lion and therefore takes up lots more room in the heated bed. Absolutely. You can reassure Buddy. Yep.

  3. I am not even letting Tugger see those beds or it will be all over. Nice scrap blocks.

  4. Ha! Alfie’s bed is the small size and I keep it lined with a quilt (easier to wash than the bed). Alfie tips the scale at just under 12 pounds. New smaller Christmas kitty quilts are in the works for them that will hopefully fit better. I love your log cabin quilt top - the setting is perfect to give it pizzazz.

  5. Buddy, i would never laugh at you. You are too handsome :-)

  6. That was some quick scrap processing! Fun to see what you ended up with.