Wednesday, December 1, 2021


I use the same table to cut fabric and to layer quilts. Oh, and to pile loads and loads of stuff on. Molly uses this table to conduct her gravity experiments...knocking things onto the floor to see how fast Buddy runs out of the way. That is, Molly is measuring the gravity with which Buddy holds his life.

Today the table was cleared off and I used it to layer the zig-zag log cabin.

I used a polyester batting and I had forgotten how unruly they can behave compared to Dream Cotton. In any case, the layering is finished and we'll see how long before it is covered with stuff and cats.

While I was working on the log cabin quilt, I also continued making Shards blocks...that is, a variation of the blocks used to make the Kaffe Fassett Shards quilt. I cut a gazillion 2.5 inch strips and sewed them into half a gazillion strip sets. It has been a fun surprise to see how two strips of fabrics will combine into shards. It will also be a surprise if these blocks can be cajoled into the same quilt top.

And for those of you who claim to be fans of the Budster, here is Buddy chewing his toes in public.



  1. It's good to see Buddy pursuing his passions!

  2. I sure wish I could touch my toes as well as Buddy. :)

  3. Alfie chews his toes too. I wonder if it’s a guy cat thing…. Something tells me you’ll figure out some fantastic quilt for the shards.

  4. On a whole other topic, I don't seem to be getting your posts in my inbox regularly. That, or I'm overlooking them, which is a distinct possibility. I've had a look back, learned a lot and chuckled a lot. May not get here often but it's always a worthwhile trip! Good luck with the table. ;-)

  5. I'm interested to see your Shard blocks, I was drawn to these when I saw the quilt in his book, then I read the size of the blocks and backed off. Your's are looking good.

  6. Molly is quite the scientist!!
    Love that Log Cabin!