Friday, December 3, 2021

Mysterious Ways

 In case you don't have enough mystery in your life, Bonnie Hunter is graciously presenting her annual mystery quilt. This year the inspiration is Rhododendron Trail featuring pink, turquoise, yellow and neutrals. And each year I like to take her colors and take a twist around the color wheel. So when I see that she is using essentially primary colors, I have to consider using secondary colors which are commonly featured as Halloween colors: orange, purple, green. 

And yes, the picture shown is a rhododendron in my backyard today. We have not had a freeze yet and saw a day or two in the 60s. So I would guess this rhododendron thinks it's spring.

This is another rhododendron that is sitting across from the pink blooming rhododendron. It does not have spring on its mind and is having heat dome flashbacks and licking its wounds from being covered by fallen trees. And so this rhododendron will be my muse for my alternate universe Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt and will substitute black for the neutrals.

The substitutions will be purple for pink, light purple for garnet, orange for yellow and chartreuse for turquoise. And finally, black for neutrals. And yes, I realize I may get in trouble if the mystery quilt has a strong foreground and background. Oh well. quiltAnd to keep myself sane, I'm only making half of the units.

So the HSTs are from the first week and the bottom five piles are the fabrics that I cut for this week's assignment.


  1. I can always count on you for a laugh and smile. Nothing is blooming here in Buffalo. How about some lime-ish green in the mix?

  2. I'm interested to see how swapping the values around will affect the look of your quilt. I'd like your color choices.

  3. I feel sorry for your poor battered rhododendron, but your colour scheme sounds great! I will look forward to seeing it as the mystery is revealed.

  4. Oh nice choice of colours, I like to change things around also.

  5. That is a pretty colorway. Changing up the color choices is a great way to keep your quilt from looking like all the others.