Monday, May 21, 2018

Finishing Up

I layered the green star quilt and started to quilt it by machine. I was having trouble with the green thread I was using so it took me a while to get set up. Then I was ready to make fast progress. Molly had other ideas.

I think we chose our priorities wisely.

Happily, once Molly moved up to her loft space, I was able to finish the machine quilting.

Here's a view of the front and back.

And here's Molly after her nap.

And here's her pony Buddy.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Sewing

I unearthed this baby quilt to layer it and begin machine quilting.

I also worked on the dementor quilt...I now have all the strips sewn and cut into two inch strip sets. Two of these are sewn together and pressed. Next, I will cut two triangles from each.

As I was sewing on the dementor, I found pink coins that got lost on the sewing table. I also added a few more spools.

And yes, another I-spy block...I found this delightful fabric on the free table at my quilt guild.

Last but not least...a bit of a diversion. I have been taking improv classes at Curious Comedy Theater here in Portland. And on Friday I saw a wonderful show with the two-person team Pillowtalk.  Typically, improv is made in the moment and then is gone forever. But in this case, the show was recorded. Here is the link to the show on will want to forward it to start at 11 minutes in, and the show lasts 17 minutes.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Fully Pink

I have finally committed to pink...with a large pink postage stamp. The postage stamps are one inch finished, so this block finishes at 20 inches.

And here are some pink coin sleeves. For much more pink, visit the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge--graduation edition.

And for a brief peek into the future, here are the coins in all the colors we've covered so far this year.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Four Landscapes

On Wednesday, I took Laura Wasilowski's workshop Four Little Landscapes. She presented three workshops for our guild. She was a lot of fun and I learned some "clean" fusing practices that are really helpful...because eventually some piece or other is going to get turned around and this prevents problems for the ironing board or iron.

At the workshop, my sister let me use her ironing setup because sharing is caring. My sister does not have cats and does not use an Oliso iron. So yes, maybe I forgot to put her iron upright but at least now she has a scorch mark to remember me by.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Fools for Spools

As I was making the speedy chickens, I used some of the excess chicken skin for spools. These are a bit brighter than most of the others. We'll see how well they all fit together. While spools make a good leader and ender project, I had too big a pile of loose bits and they were making a bit of a mess. So I'm moving the spools along and will use the Dementor quilt as my leader/ender project.

I also worked on sorting and stacking the flat folds of fabric for Molly's shelving unit.

She gave me a grade of C-.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


We had a quilt guild meeting on Monday, so I picked up a small handful of scraps to use in the spool quilt. The spool on the top left is a good example of grabbing fabric I would never have in my this case horseshoes. There was just enough for the background. On the top right is an odd brown and orange paisley.

Meanwhile, I discovered one of the shelving units holding my stash was tilting. Its the one that Molly sleeps on. So I took all of the fabric off and reassembled it. Now I'm taking the opportunity to evaluate the stash as I'm putting it back. These are large hunks of at least a yard. Of the fabrics that no longer thrill, I'm saving a half yard and will give the rest to the guild. 

And here is the peony in the front yard that is blooming. I was surprised that it wasn't pink.

And here is a rhododendron that sits by the side of the house near the peony. Both of these are hidden from view unless you are going to the far side of the house.

Monday, May 14, 2018


It was finally time to get back into the sewing machine saddle and I thought the dementor quilt would make for a good ride. Here is one section. There are 56 four patch units to a section and I need 16 sections. I was considering how I might make consistent progress on this quilt, maybe by making a certain number of units per day.

Molly was daydreaming about knocking the blocks to the floor.  She calculated that I could make one unit per day and MAYBE have enough time left over to tend to her every whim.

Buddy was bored and daydreaming about breakfast and laser pointers and cantering around the barn.