Monday, November 19, 2018

Scrappy Stars

I found the scrappy stars had four completed blocks and a multitude of paper-pieced diamonds. Each block finished at roughly 20 I plan to make twelve in all for a 60 by 80 inch quilt.

And here is another handful of mid-size spools.

And Molly is pleased to announce that all of the kitten nonsense is behind us. Although she is spending a lot of time scanning "Staff-finder" looking for suitable matches. Also, Molly is sporting her new red crinkly mat. After using deli paper as foundation for some string piecing, it was obvious that it would make an excellent crinkly mat. I put a piece of deli paper on either side of a batting remnant and then encased that in fabric. I think I need to make a crinkle box for her next.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Seahorses and Nonsense

Well, finally! I started this quilt as part of Rainbow Scrappy Challenge 2016 (I think). In any case, the seahorses are assembled. I am still up in the air about the border. I think I will need to load this into Photoshop and play with it a bit. Meanwhile, you might want to go visit RSC 2018 to see what is coming together there.

And I know I brought it on myself, but today Buddy suggested that we consider this kitten Joaquin who is up for adoption. Of course, Molly and I immediately laughed it off because the last thing we want is another pony.

Molly found this kitten whose name is Filbert. She thinks he's a dead ringer for Buddy.

Of course, we couldn't miss this kitten. The shelter named her "Handful." Molly thinks she was probably named that for her petite stature.

Friday, November 16, 2018


I was looking back in the photos for this blog to see what I was doing two years ago and discovered that two years ago I was laying out the seahorse quilt and making spools. Aagh! I did find this quilt. I think I stopped making this when I discovered I made a measurement error and that if I continued, a full quilt would cover a house. Now that I look at this I think I would be happy to sew it together and call it a day regardless of its size.

And last night, Molly relented and told me that I could adopt Possum if that was what I really wanted.

However, this morning I discovered an art installation that spanned the bedroom, down the hallway, a zig zag in the foyer and then on into the sewing room. What you see as fluff in the photo has been spun to a finest thread and as I was pulling it up, Molly was on the other end defending her art.  I did find the placard for this artwork and it was titled "Possum Vet Bill $4000."

During the look back to two years ago, I found this photo of Buddy in the middle of his dog phase.

And here's Buddy as he begins to transform into a pony.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


I may have gotten into a bit of trouble today. I was reading the local news online...and as you're probably well aware, sometimes news outlets do not provide news, but instead appeal to our darker nature. In this case, there was a story about a local cat shelter giving away kittens.

I was entranced by this cutey because as a kitten he had the good sense to keep his cap on straight and not put a bunch of eccentric, extraneous marks on his face...just like Tommy. Then all of a sudden, there was a Molly Cat sitting right between me and the computer and I was getting a lecture on neglect and staffing ratios.

So I have spent the day making amends for my indiscretions. In the few extra minutes I was allowed, I added the spacing strips for the seahorse backsides.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


I created quite a mess as I made the last of the large spools. Given it is a charm quilt with no repeats, I dug through looking for new patterns that I wanted as know, like fabric with spools printed on it.

Now I am trying to get everything off the storage floor and back onto storage shelves. And as I'm folding and stacking, I'm saving out fabrics that want to be in Bonnie's mystery quilt...maybe.

I had also packed away Kaffe stripes that I bought back in the 90s. These are the thin stripes.

These are the medium stripes.

And these are varied stripes.

I also made a handful of spools. The spool bits have been sitting on the sewing table in a big pile just daring Molly and Buddy to knock them to the floor.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Scraps and Scrappy

Here is a my haul from yesterday's quilt guild meeting. The guild builds a pile of scraps on a free table for each meeting. I sorted these into colors and sizes and then tackled my own scrap bin and added those scraps to the piles. Buddy calls it his play area.

And for those of you who would like to see puppy pictures, this is Typhoon (now Buddy). When he was very young, he was a puppy trying to pass as a kitten.

This is Buddy a month later at four months old after he has learned to accept his dogginess. While the fostered kittens would climb all over me and play, the puppy kept his distance. 

Molly thought I should include a picture of her sister for those of you who are fond of kittens. This is Cyclone. She accepted me immediately because she loved to play. She was so sweet and adorable that she was the only member of team Storm that was successfully adopted (by someone else).

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Seahorse and Sunset

The facing seahorses are lagged and sewn together. I will be inserting a strip spacer of background fabric. I am still puzzling how to add the border of seahorse tails. I only have enough of the background fabric for the spacers and a small strip around the entire quilt.

Meanwhile, we had a lovely sunset.

Molly reminded me that it was three years ago that she was trapped in a cardboard box with her three sisters and a puppy. Here she is a few days after I fostered her, her sister, and the puppy. At the time, her name was Hurricane. She was a free range kitten, so she had not had contact with people yet.

This is her a month later.