Saturday, April 13, 2024

Back to Boring

 I've moved beyond basting shapes and have begun sewing the TulaNova pieces together. It took a while for my fingers to figure out what they should be doing, but I have now advanced from exasperated to "okay, I can do this."

I began sewing components together because the pieces became smaller and harder to keep track of. And yes, the instructions do suggest sewing all the components first. However, I am making my decisions as I build the quilt outward and this is as far as my commitment takes me.

I did make it to the last day of the Clark County Quilt show and was greeted by this La Passacaglia by Marla Monson (who won first place for large quilts and another viewer's choice ribbon). I hope to make one of these someday, although I definitely have a better idea of what this entails. So maybe I should aim to have a La Passacaglia project box instead of a finished quilt.

And this month I remembered to take a picture of the giveaway fabric before I packed it up and sent it away. Well, almost. I had to unpack it a bit first. But this month was "Buddy's random pick"...and of course, Buddy had nothing to do with it because he was off being Buddy...a full time job. And this was only slightly random. I reached into each bin (scrap and quarter/half cuts) and pulled out a fabric sight unseen.


Anonymous said...

Ooo, pretty!
Laura H.

Amy Kollasch said...

And I am loving it! Thank you again! I am thinking they will be perfect for a sampler quilt. I may just pick random blocks to make from different books I have. This is going to be fun.