Friday, May 13, 2016

Alternative Jane Stickle Block S19

Today I decided to work on the alternative Dear Jane blocks (that is, the blocks that Jane Stickle made but chose not to include in her famous quilt). This is Block S19 or Circus Seal.

During my extensive research of these unpublished blocks, I've noticed that there is an abundance of sea life in the alternative universe, yet none are included in the final quilt. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Meanwhile, Molly is concerned that there are too many unqualified and unlicensed quilt assistants. She warns that it is up to each quilter to avoid supporting these fraudulent felines. To help you to identify hidden corruption in your sewing room, she would like to show you that this is the INCORRECT way to use a light box.

This is the CORRECT position on a light box. You're welcome!


  1. I love, love that seal!!!! What does Molly think of it?

  2. I did not know that there were extra blocks not included in the infamous pattern!
    And that there are so many sea life blocks! Maybe she was planning a second quilt for those??

  3. I was unaware that folks in Jane Stickle's time knew so much about sea life!