Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bounding bunny surgery

At the end of yesterday's post, we realized that one of the bunnies had a mangled leg and needed emergency surgery.

The surgical suite was unavailable until this morning. Here is Molly helping to prep the bunny for surgery.

Molly is extremely thorough.

Buddy prefers to practice his new hobby of being a couch potato.

WARNING: Explicit subject matter. Here is the bunny with his mangled leg removed and the transplant at the ready.

And here is the bounding bunny in recovery.

And here's Molly enjoying her new bin. I recently sent a bin of selvedges to someone who would actually use them, and now Molly has claimed the empty bin for herself.


  1. Amazing what those surgeons can do nowadays! Why, he didn't even neec a bandage!

    I've never seen a cat yet who can resist an empty box. Or a semi-empty box. Or any box at all, really.

  2. Hey, maybe if I put some empty boxes in my sewing room, I could get the fur kids to cut me some slack. Alfie just sits by the machine and stares at if (or me. He makes me nervous). Queen Darla likes to stretch out across whatever I have cut and lined up to sew, which currently is 24 green kittens. Maybe she's trying to tell me something.

  3. Lying down after too many cute cat photos ...

  4. So glad Molly now has a convenient bin to hang out in! And the selvages are already being put to use - hope to have a report soon.

  5. I used to get the smallest boxes to see how Whitney Dallas fit herself into them. (Hey, you can't call a cat Whitney Houston when she comes from Dallas, can you?)

  6. Oh dear - I guess I am now going to find another use for my storage boxes - Molly does look to be happy there.