Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dear Jane blocks and a Hurricane

Here's Dear Jane Block H6 or Pie Sale. While I was making this sweet little block, a Hurricane was raging throughout the house. I try to keep everything out of reach, but Molly was still able to shred a paper pattern, chew up an a bobbin of applique thread, spill the applique pins and use me as a spring board for attacking her brother.

I also made Dear Jane Block H4 or Abbey's Eyes because it looks somewhat like a cat eye. I'm not sure who Abbey is and why this block wasn't named for a single eye. I'm assuming that these questions are what sent Molly on such a rampage today.

And of course, as I was taking photos of the blocks on the design wall, a furry blob knocked the camera and sent the blocks falling to the floor. Here's Molly looking back around the design wall to assess the damage. She wasn't too happy to see me put the blocks back on the design wall and then take new pictures.

Molly worked very hard today and received little to no appreciation for her effort.


  1. She's taken Tommy's lesson and written new chapters!

  2. Hmm... I'd be tempted to safety pin all the blocks to the design wall, and then point and laugh at her increasing frustration at not being able to knock them down.
    But, then, I'm an old meanie...

  3. Love these photos of one very helpful kitty!