Monday, May 9, 2016

Fabric and flowers

I'll warn you right at the beginning that I am going to use this blog post to scold. First, almost every visit to Mystic Quilter's blog is a feast for the eyes that can often lead to a fabric binge. But it didn't help that she once left a comment saying that the fabric on the left is one of her favorites. What if I ran out?

And let's not forget that Fabadashery's blog started me on the Dear Jane adventure. I thought it would help me use my hoard of Kaffe fabric. But using it only gives me excuses to buy more.

And then the Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilt blog showed a beautiful kaleidoscope quilt with such saturated blues, I just had to indulge.

And the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge reminded me that I tend to overlook green.

And then new patterns become available...

Well, needless to say, Molly has put me on notice because she saw that the amount of fabric that came in greatly exceeded the size of her new empty bin. To show her disappointment with me, she shredded my seahorse pattern. And knowing she would be disappointed with me, earlier in the week she shredded the applique owl pattern.

Molly is also disappointed with Buddy who has grown to the size of a small horse. Here she is biting his tail while he is trying to look out to the front yard.

When accused of naughty behavior, Molly always claims total innocence.

And to end on a happier note (as if a new fabric supply and two young cats aren't happy enough), the sun came out this weekend. Here is evidence of a sunny day and some remaining azalea blooms.

I also inspected the pea pods planted at the end of March. I couldn't understand why they were still only about six inches off the ground, especially after the week of rain. A closer look showed that a real bunny prefers pea pod sprouts to pea pods, and has keep everything trimmed. He also ate an entire cucumber start as a palate cleanser.

Unlike the azaleas that jump into bloom with a bit of warmth, the mountain laurel plants that fill the woods are waiting for the right time to bloom. They have just started but are going to wait a bit longer for their peak.


  1. Awesome post! Beautiful fabric, precious kitties (that one of them with their heads together looks like they're plotting something. Be aware). And finally, gorgeous blooms. I'm sorry, but I can't muster up any pity for you. ;-) xo

  2. And now YOUR name must be added to the Kaffe Enablers List... (I grabbed a few KF FQs the other day - I'm slowly building a collection now)
    I adore azaleas. Absolutely gorgeous flowers!

  3. You can never have enough Kaffe fabrics :) I can see a few of my very favourites there although to be honest I think all of them are favourites. I'm glad my kitty prefers to lie on quilts and fabric and confines his shredding to his scratching posts :)

  4. Hmmmm, my wee little Kaffe stash is getting low. Was there a sale somewhere? Those are all soooo yummy. I'm trying to stay on a stash diet but am a sucker for sales.

    Cats...shmats...I think we will have a new litter of barn cats soon for the grandkids to chase around. All they do for me is use my freshly dug spots in the flower gardens for litter boxes. And the barn bed and breakfast has turned into bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    My fingers are crossed that the cats will chase the rabbits out and keep my sugar snap peas safe this year. So far so good since we got rid of Mr. Groundhog (the fast slob) last year who found my sprouts a delicacy. The year before Ms. Vole ate the darned seeds.

    My azalea is blooming too. I'll have to go on a garden walk and take pics. Weird thing is that the azalea has very few leaves because I think the deer ate down most of the azalea during the winter.

    Critters!!!! Bah, humbug! I need me some Kaffe!!!

  5. I second Pip, you can never have too much Kaffe fabrics!! You chose some beauties hope Molly and Buddy
    don't take a liking to them and shred those, and Buddy is huge, looks like he's the big boss at your place.
    Love your azalea, a wonderful pink.