Thursday, May 19, 2016

More vintage spin

Upon revisiting the vintage spin quilt, I decided to make it larger with 5 by 6 blocks instead of 5 by 5. And since this quilt will be double-sided, that means I need 60 blocks instead of 50. Clearly, I will use any excuse to make more vintage spin blocks. I need ten more, and here are eight of them.

This is my favorite block of the new ones.

I seem to have been channeling pink and teal with yellow.

And I can't resist owls, apparently.

And you may recognize the fractured plaid as the same fabric I used as the backing for the plaid bunny quilt.


  1. All lovely fabrics and ideal for Vintage Spin, my favourite of all is the owl fabric!

  2. Oh love those owls and birdies--so cute!! hugs, Julierose

  3. Those vintage spin blocks are beginning to grow on me (not literally, of course!). Between Cathy L and you... Bad influences, I tell ya....

  4. I'm really liking these, too! (On checking my schedule, I think I might be able to make one somewhere between summer of 2027 and spring of '28. Well, *start* one, anyway...)