Monday, May 16, 2016

Outside and Inside

This morning I went out to take advantage of our sunny day and found this tree branch blocking the drive.
At first I thought the fallen branch was this branch which has been suspended over the same area for years. No such luck.

Happily, I have this wonderful battery-operated alligator chainsaw (Black and Decker). This device can cut up to 4 inches but is also perfect for twiggier stuff.

A rotary cutter for trees.

All clear.

I also went out in the woods to visit the mountain laurel and found this small bush blooming with all its might.

On Mondays, many quilt bloggers show what they have on their design wall. Since Molly likes to keep the design wall clear, I thought I would show you the floor in front of the design wall instead.

Seeing that I was taking a picture of a fabric pile, Molly decided she should pose for me to provide some visual interest.

She also suggested I come in for a closer view at a different angle.

I used a toy to lure Buddy into the photo shoot, but as you can tell he hasn't yet taken the class in Foundations of Feline Poses.


  1. Well, I think Foundations of Feline Poses is only offered in the fall, so maybe he can catch up next semester.
    I want one of those alligators now. Five minutes ago I didn't even know they existed...

  2. I think Buddy is concentrating on his block shuffling skills while the Headmistress looks on....

  3. PS - what a lovely driveway you have!!

  4. Sorry you had a tree branch down, but oh my what a beautiful sight, all those trees along your driveway.
    Also a beautiful sight to see a wonderful collection of blocks scattered gaily on the floor!