Friday, September 16, 2016

Dear Jane B12

Here's Dear Jane B12 or Star Flower.

I chose a slightly weird way to applique this block. Instead of applying the melons and the center piece, I made a template of the background space and made four background sections that I appliqued to the floral print.

And yes, this version turned out so awful I took it apart and made a new one using a different floral print.

And this is a cat full of pickle juice. Molly figured out how to push the sewing notion trays out so she can scoop sharp objects out and drop them on Buddy (who then chews on his new treasure). Molly also got up on a sewing table where I had placed a variety of spools of thread. Molly then carefully batted each one off the table onto Buddy's head. Molly is either developing her own theories of gravity or auditioning for her own YouTube channel.


  1. I think this is the whole point of Dear Jane, it can be done in sew many ways, so glad you have been following along.

  2. Like the way you appliquéd with the spots and Plink. Just why are cats so attracted to all the sharp object in our sewing rooms, I seem to spend more time having to put a variety of things away as soon as I see Leila on the prowl.

  3. What is it about cats and sewing tools? Especially the sharp dangerous tools? Rocky says one of his favorite things about Miss Molly is that she likes to live dangerously =^..^=

  4. I think the YouTube channel is the most likely explanation.
    Years ago, I thought i had suddenly gotten really careless with pins because I kept finding them scattered on the sewing table and the floor. Then one day I caught my little cat pulling pins out of the pincushion and flinging them into the air. Cats have a really strange sense of humor...

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