Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dear Jane A12

Here is Dear Jane block A12 or Framed Fancy. I often approach these Dear Jane blocks as miniature medallions and that is how this block mislead me. It's really a nine patch tilted to the diagonal. The middle patch is plain, but the outer blocks of the nine patch alternate with four patches each of two tiny flying geese and four lozenge patches. Of course, I didn't discover this until I was out at the second row of the medallion and things weren't looking right. So for this block, four of the mini triangles in the second border area are appliqued.

And meet Mr. Opossum, who came to join us in the sewing room yesterday. He was on the stairs a few days ago, then in the living room, and after that he disappeared for a day or two. Mr. Opossum is the size of a kitten and was introduced as an educational tool at Kitten U because he performed admirably as a peer fighting foe who went easy on the kittens. With the closure of Kitten U, Mr. Opossum is really too big to be a cat toy and too small for a cat to wrestle with, but just the right size for a medium size dog. That's why Molly and I suspect Buddy is responsible for the mysterious movements of Mr. Opossum and that Buddy is only pretending to be a cat during the day but secretly reverts back to his doggy ways during the dead of night.


  1. Who knows what goes on at night? I always suspect that Suzi has a split personality. Framed Fancy seems quite a while ago for me, long enough to forget whether I had to resort to stitching tiny triangles. Well done and have a drink on me!

  2. Well, ya know, opossums are pretty much nocturnal. It's possible Mr O is sneaking around on his own.
    That little DJ block really does look like a brain-breaker...