Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Baby Bunny Quilt

Remember the bunny quilt I wanted to finish on Sunday night. Ha. Well, its finally finished. I did do extra quilting inside each bunny (around the arms and eyes) and this required changing out the thread for each color bunny. Also, binding always takes me much longer than I think it should.

This is the fabric I used for the backing.

Molly is quite disappointed with me. Not about my missing my deadline... She just hates a couch that multi-tasks.


  1. It's very cute...oh yes, and I like the quilt too.

  2. I love all the quilt bunnies, both front and back!
    Molly does look like she's given up all hope in you. What can you possibly do to make it up to her?

  3. Cute quilt! And Alfie says that Molly is looking particularly ravishing today.

  4. Bunny quilt is almost as adorable as Molly. Love the colors and the binding fabric is perfect.

  5. Aww your bunny quilt is adorable! Binding takes me more than I think it should too. I have realized that it is my sense of timing that is wrong. When I finish the quilt top, I think I am almost done - just need to quilt and bind - when the reality is that I am just about halfway done. Maybe some day I should time it to see how long it really takes, but I am scared to find out the results.