Thursday, November 9, 2017

Left facing seahorses

Here are six new left-facing seahorses. Except as I write this, I notice that the orange seahorse has a terrible almost severed tail. In quilt terms, I forgot a flip triangle. And one might wonder how this could have gotten past the auditor.  Molly has moved on and is spending most of her time auditing my lap.

Hope this is not too gory for a quilting blog...but here is the orange seahorse mid-surgery. And yes, we did have some problems in the operating room when the bobbin ran out half way across the tiny flip triangle. You can see, the surgeon's work was particularly sloppy.

Unfortunately, the surgeon only cares what the patient looks like on the outside. Here is the orange seahorse recovering from surgery.

Meanwhile, the other seahorses are being evaluated after their nasty fall from the design wall.

At the same time, Buddy, our great dane puppy, likes rummaging around among the floor models.


  1. Good thing you noticed! Poor seahorse! Hopefully wearing a splint won't be necessary!

  2. I know you have great doctor skills! The poor orange seahorse will be all better in no time!

  3. Alfie just cringed at the injured orange tail! 🙀 But I told him you’d fix it straightaway and painlessly for the seahorse.

  4. Hi Sally,
    Oh my - I am glad the orange seahorse made it through the sloppy surgery, bobbin failure, etc. I hope he doesn't sue. I can see Molly is doing a great job checking on the fallen seahorses, and Buddy is selecting your next project for you. So fun! :) ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. This just sounds like a great idea for a new TV series!
    Love the Great Dane!

  6. Oh I didn't spot the tail problem first off, I'm surprised at Molly missing that!

  7. That seahorse needs those new quilter's bandaids.....