Friday, March 23, 2018

Cutting the Border

I decided to cut the chicken wire border edge to edge...or almost edge to edge. I want the wire bits to match up around the border.  Buddy, however, thinks I should have cut the border along the diagonal.

Then Buddy tried to convince me by using his best cat imitation. I had quite a laugh.


  1. Buddy looks a little angry in that second photo (we call those ears "angry ears"), but maybe he's just unhappy about being photographed? He's a good looking dog, though! Even if he does seem to be having cat tendencies lately...

  2. We’re considering whether taking on boarders is a good idea at the Three Cats Ranch. Our business model assumes squirrels, mice, voles, and kangaroo rats. Ponies probably will not fit through our kitty door, and therefore, could not be eaten in the comfort of the sewing room. We are considering our options, so please bear with us. Oh yes, and we think your chicken wire is purrfect for the chickens. If it will corral them, we could consider adding it to the fencing at the Three Cats Ranch. This will, of course, mean extra boarding charges. Fondly, Smitty