Saturday, March 31, 2018

Green pinwheels

Here are four green pinwheels. I started the pinwheel garden last year, but only made about half of blocks I needed. To see other green patchwork of this last day of March, hop on over to the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.

Happily, I finished cutting the fabric for the borders for the i-spy quilt. These still need to be cut into wedges though.

Every morning, Molly and Buddy run out to the sewing room for a game of laser mouse. Throughout the day, Buddy comes hoping to see the little red dot. That's what he's doing here as I'm taking photos.

And here is a camellia from my neighbor's bush. It's peeking through the fence.


  1. Your green pinwheels look so nice altogether. I have camellias just coming into flower too....Are you in Australia?

  2. Love your "volunteer" camellia AND those GREEN Pinwheels!!!

  3. Our red dot is on a flashlight that clicks on and off. It isn’t the only thing in the house that clicks on and off with that sound, however, and so Smitty and Sadie are often disappointed that the red dot doesn’t necessarily appear with every clicking sound. You may come check out the Three Cats Ranch at any time to see if it is a suitable place to board your pony.

  4. I would welcome that fence Camellia any day. How lovely! Those green pinwheels are so fun, I look forward to your finish on that one. Quilt On!