Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Eagle and clean up

Our local guild has a quilt show coming up in May and they have a booth for selling small work. For my contribution, I thought I would finish up this eagle I made (how many years ago?). I thought it would be easy until I tried to find the fabric that I used as the background. It was a bit heavier than typical quilting cotton and is a bit boring, so I suspect it didn't make the move across the country. So I had to search for a substitute. This made a bigger mess than I wanted it to. But the outer border helped a lot.

I also want to layer a couple of quilts and just need to get all of the ongoing projects sorted and out of the way. The photo shows the pile for the Tormented quilt (or Demented or Garden Mosaic). As you can see it starts with 2 inch and 3 inch strips in both light and dark. Then there are strip sets. Then there are trimmed strip sets. And then there are triangles. And then there are four patch blocks and then there are 16 patches. For now this is all jammed in a box. The next layer is chicken feathers, butterfly bits, spools, and I-spy blocks.


  1. Looks very organised, how did Molly allow you to get all this out?

  2. I've got some of that background fabric! Oh my, I could have sent you some! Or still could! (Let me know!)
    Love the eagle, and I'm watching you Dement yourself with great delight. (My delight, your delight, whatever...)

  3. Is this eagle a pattern you designed? Do you have plans on posting a tutorial for it? :)

  4. Love the eagle...where can I get this pattern? Thanks.