Thursday, August 9, 2018

Spooling Around

Here are the new spools I made today.

I was going to work on the Pickle Dish blocks...but I found about 100 spool blocks tucked in with that project. I need to make a total of 400 spools and found that I now have 330...that is, 70 more to go.

This inspired me to visit a pre-Estate sale where I got two huge piles of fabric for a pittance.

The biggest challenge was being on the floor and having an annoying dog crawling all over me and licking me. I suggested that he should be tied up outside.

So okay...the annoying dog was Buddy and the pre-Estate sale was my stash. But this time I was looking for fabric I usually don't see because of the brights and novelty fabric. So it did feel a bit like finding new fabric.


  1. LOL! That is hilarious. I was looking at the fabrics in the photos and thinking - nice, but not her usual style... Now I know why! :)

  2. You had me going there, too. My first thought was to check out local estate sales. Then I wondered what a pre-estate sale was. Then, like Julia (comment above) I thought the fabrics you picked were a bit different for you. But for a pittance, who wouldn’t? And then I was in disbelief that (a) you were sitting on the floor and (b) a slobbering dog was running around free-range. Bam! And finally I thought, POOR BUDDY. He gets no respect.

    Great post, and how nice to find 100 spool blocks just hanging out...

  3. You’re too funny! I’m going to remember that the next time someone makes a disparaging comment about my stash...

  4. What treasures! I just did the same and found a bag full of amazing prints. Can’t believe I ever bought some of them. You will find a good place for them,I know.

  5. I hope that naughty dog didn't drool on you. Or worse, on the fabric...
    (I'll have to remember that 'got it at a pre-estate sale' line - that could be really useful!)

  6. Haha. The pre-Estate sale fabrics are beautiful, especially the reds! Definitely time to use them. Only 70 more blocks to go!