Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Fox and Dear Jane H13

Today I made a new fox. The original fox seemed to dark and looked a bit like a blob.

Maybe its the difference between a winter fox and a summer fox. In any case, I think the next fox will be turned with the tail pointing to the left so the two foxes can touch tails.

I also made Dear Jane block H13 or Farm Fields. Fabadashery is celebrating her one year anniversary since starting her Dear Jane and yes, she is almost done. I started a few weeks later and I have 56 more blocks to go. And I have decided to skip the pieced triangles because they weren't very effective with the Kaffe fabric. Instead I'm planning a triangle border that alternates light and dark Kaffe fabrics. That's assuming I get all the blocks made and put together.

I should also tell you about Molly's terrible day yesterday. Molly was left all alone by herself without an audience. Staff left and took her puppy brother with her. And then when we came home, Buddy was blathering on about some imaginary trip to the vet instead of consoling Molly. Of course, Buddy was being melodramatic and mentioned sitting in my lap at the vet's office and then having a vet tech pet him without his permission. Unauthorized touching. He had to go back in the carrier to prevent a recurrence.

Molly asked him if he had shots or his ears packed with goo, and he said no, but he was given treats that he refused to eat. Molly informed him he obviously had not been to the vet then, so now when he tries to tell his vet story, we both roll our eyes at him.


  1. Love the foxes! Was there no hissing because Buddy the dog smelled of Strange Things upon returning from his trip? I'm dreading Alfie's overnight stay next month for teeth cleaning. Darla has apparently been brushing and flossing better.

  2. That's a great fox. Love it. Eye-rolling...the ultimate insult.

  3. Foxy foxes!
    Poor Molly. It's a hard life being the Perfect Cat...

  4. Great fox! Two foxes with touching tales, now that is something the bunnies would like to see!